Are nectar mattresses good quality?

While it’s not the only thing you need to be fit, a good night’s sleep is absolutely crucial for your mental and physical health. Getting a quality mattress is one of the things you need to achieve this consistently, especially if you haven’t replaced yours for a while. This makes it crucial to understand what options you might come across when shopping and, more importantly, know what’s right for you.

Latex Mattress

Like the name suggests, mattresses of this kind are usually filled with latex foam. Besides being durable, this material also allows the movement of air across the mattress. Choosing this variety, therefore, translates to fewer chances of being woken up in the middle of the night due to excess heat. That aside, it’s worth pointing out that latex foam mattresses tend to feel solid at first, which means they can be difficult to turn. Still, don’t be tempted to go for a cheaper version, as this will likely develop dents and lumps with time.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is a material that not only responds to weight and temperature but which also has hypo-allergenic properties. Mattresses of this kind are thus perfect for individuals who need the extra support of those who suffer from a bad back. Otherwise, you can still opt for one if you prefer something that molds to accommodate the shape of your body and relieve pressure on the joints.

Open Spring Mattress

Also known as continuous- or open-coil mattresses, this type comes with numerous springs inside, but which are usually formed by coiling a single piece of wire. Also included is a border rod that helps the mattress regain its shape after being deformed. Open spring mattresses tend to be cheaper and lighter than other models, albeit while sacrificing support as a result. As such, they’re best suited for rooms that are only used occasionally, such as guest bedrooms.

Pocket Spring Mattress

The defining feature of this type is the use of multiple springs which are derived from separate pieces of wire. This makes each spring move independently, which in turn translates to better support when compared to open-spring varieties. In addition, pocket-spring mattresses come in firm, medium and soft versions, besides being more breathable than their latex and memory-foam counterparts. This type also happens to be perfectly suited for couples, since the separate springs can cater for two sets of needs and weights.

Now that you know the most common types of mattresses, the next step is to educate yourself more on other aspects. In particular, make sure you understand what size you should choose, plus other accessories you might need to get a good night’s sleep. As a rule of thumb, consider going above your budget if that’s what it will take to get what’s perfect for you. Don’t forget to look for Nectar Mattress Coupon Codes while shopping.