Do home STD testing kits really work?

If you are one of those people who only visit a hospital or a clinic when they have symptoms of a disease, your health, and even life could be at a risk. Although most diseases have symptoms that make it possible to detect them early, that cannot be said about sexually transmitted diseases. Over 50-percent of people suffering from various STDs do not have noticeable symptoms, which means that if you have not been tested lately, you could also be one of those suffering from an STD unaware. To make sure that the infected people are treated the earliest possible to avoid complications, health experts recommend people get tested frequently.

In fact, the recommended test interval for sexually active individuals is at least once annually. For sexually active bi-sexual individuals, the recommended period is between three to six months. The tests should cover all sexually diseases including HIV, Chlamydia, Herpes, Hepatitis, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea. The good thing about these diseases is that you can test for them at home. Going to a clinic for an STD test is not something you would like other people to know, which explains the reason why only a handful of people go for clinic STD tests despite the increased awareness.

However, that should not keep you from taking an STD test. At home, STD test kits are the best way to know whether you have an STD infection in 2018. Unlike going to an STD test clinic for a test where someone can notice you, the At Home STD Test Kits – Best Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing 2018, offer a high level of privacy. In fact, to avoid meeting people they know, some people travel long distances for a test, which is inconvenient. In 2018, you no longer need to go through that. Instead, you should just purchase a top quality STD test kit to enable you to test yourself when necessary.

At home test kits not only offer privacy but also offer convenience. In fact, with the advancement of technology, the results from the test kits are as reliable as those in a clinic. Furthermore, you do not need to travel or even answer the intrusive questions asked in a clinic as all you need is a test kit an email to know your status. The test kits are readily available online and you can choose whether you want a kit that tests a specific STD or multiple STDs at one time. However, to avoid false results, you should strictly follow the test guidelines on the kit.


Although the STD test kits are highly reliable, it is advisable to confirm the results from your at home test kit if you get a positive result at a clinic to confirm the diagnosis.