A Few Half-truths About Drug Testing

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I remember what it felt like when, after I had completed my law degree, I was told had to go through a routine drug test before starting my internship. Like most people who go to college, I had unfortunately picked up a drug habit along the way. So you can imagine how much pressure I was under. I had just finished smoking a joint when I received the “Good News”, but the high vaporized in an instant. It was almost like STD testing, but without the itchiness. Drug testing is a routine procedure followed by many professional companies and organizations to ensure that their personnel is fit and proper to hold office. Fortunately, I have a few street savvy friends and was able to flush out all traces of THC in my system and landed the job. But the story doesn’t always end with rainbows, treasure tests and unicorns for many.

Marijuana Stay In Bloodstream For Months, Frank Kern

Against popular belief, marijuana doesn’t stay in the system for several months Frank Kern. The reality is that it all depends on the frequency of use, the method of testing employed and the quantity taken. But generally, marijuana can be detected in your urine up to 3 days after use. As for hair and saliva tests, marijuana can be detected for up to 3 months and 2 days after use respectively. Be that as it may, those are just variables and at times the detection window periods can change with a little smart manipulation. But How, you may ask. Well, here’s my story, along with some of the best options for Frank Kern.

Street Interventions: Do They Really Work?

It required street intervention for me to beat the drug test, otherwise, I was going to fail dismally, perhaps shattering records in my wake. Consider:

1. Substitution

You’ve probably seen this on television. Before testing, you take baby’s urine and sneak it into the testing cubicle. Once you’re given a cup to piss in, you simply pour the baby’s sample and submit that. Whilst authorities have grown smarter with time by insisting on the presence of a 2nd party, this isn’t cast in stone. legally it’s been successfully challenged as a disproportionate violation of a person’s right to privacy in line with the purpose sought to be achieved.

2. Adulteration

An adulterant is a chemical substance that you add to your urine sample in order the break apart any detectable metabolites. The most common adulterants are Visine eye drops and sodium chloride (salt)

3. Dilution

This is whereby you dilute any traces of drugs by drinking a sea of water. The idea is that when you urinate a lot so do any traces of drugs.

Drug testing isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you, trust me. Today I’m a judge and people don’t even know I used to get high.

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