How much does testclear cost?

Businesses will often screen their candidates with a drug test before hiring them. This is standard procedure to ensure that all incoming employees are sober. The assumption being that sober people are more productive and less likely to cause problems within the workplace. Anyone who is applying for a job must make sure that they can pass this basic requirement or else they will lose great opportunities. Knowing more about the tests and the related products on the market can help you prepare better.

Urine Test

The most common form of testing uses urine samples since it’s cheap and easy to process. This is capable of detecting traces of banned substances in the body that has been consumed within a few weeks. Note that chemicals stay in the body in different time frames. For example, amphetamines can be detected in the urine within 1-3 days while cannabis can be there for one week up to one month. Applicants should keep these in mind so that they can start avoiding drugs just in time.

Blood Test

It is also possible for companies to ask for blood testing. This is much more expensive than urine tests so it isn’t used as much but it can detect certain drugs a lot better. The collection is tricky since only trained professionals can extract blood from the subjects. The handling of the samples is also more meticulous with contamination and exposure being possible issues. The timeframes are different for blood tests. For example, amphetamines can only stay there for up to 12 hours. Cannabis is gone from the bloodstream within two weeks.

Hair Test

If a business wants to catch drug users, then the most effective tool to use is the hair follicle test. Chemical traces remain in this part of the body much longer than in blood or urine. We’re talking about months instead of weeks. It will not be as easy for people to go on a crash detox just to pass the test and go back to the habit, as they sometimes do to ensure their qualification.

Drug Testing Solutions

Those who are uncertain if they are going to pass their drug test or not should make smart decisions well in advance of their job applications. Staying sober is the best way to go. If you wish to check whether you are positive or negative, then you can test yourself at home before going to the official testing center. There are plenty of products on the market that can help you with this. How much does test clear cost? Test Clear coupon codes can help lower your expenses, and the price of the kit is reasonable, to begin with.