Finding the best home tests for herpes

Herpes is a highly sexually transmitted infection. There are two types of herpes; herpes simplex1, oral herpes or herpes simplex 2, genital herpes. Herpes is transferred through oral, anal and vaginal sex. Herpes Home Test – get tested for herpes.

If you become infected by herpes, you may not notice immediately any symptoms. Keep in mind; most people who have herpes don’t even know it, which makes it a dangerous infection.

Common fever sores around the mouth can be seen on some who have oral herpes. For those who contract genital herpes, he or she may have blisters and bumps around the genitals or rectum. The blisters can evolve into painful sores.

In both cases of oral or genital herpes, the best way to stay safe is to know about your own sexual health and to also know about the sexual health of your sexual partners. More information can be found about herpes from the many online articles on the Internet.

It is important to note; there is no cure for either type of herpes. If you become infected by either one, you will be a carrier for life. However, the symptoms of herpes can be treated with proper medication.
Medication can lower the number of outbreaks and offer relief from the symptoms of pain. Medication can manage the symptoms and control future outbreaks.

The only way to know if you have herpes is to be tested. You can order a herpes home test online or get a home test from your doctor. If you order a test online and once you have completed your herpes test, you can send the testing kit back in a pre-paid envelope and get the results in several days. It is recommended by the CDC that those who are sexually active get screened once every three to six months.

What makes this kind of testing convenient is that the tests are shipped directly to your door in private packaging. It is also a convenient way to take the test and also provides peace of mind taking the test. Also, getting the results back and having access to medical professionals who can answer your questions, are other great benefits of taking the test.

To conclude, herpes is a highly sexually transmitted infection. At this time there is no cure; however, there is a medication that can provide relief from the pain that comes from the symptoms and medication that can control future outbreaks. Taking the test at home is easy, safe and convenient. Herpes Home Test – get tested for herpes.