Can you test for STDs at home?

Do you feel a burning sensation while urinating or have you noticed a whitish or yellowish discharge with your urine? Do you suffer from itching sensation in your penile region? Chances are likely that you are suffering from a sexually transmitted disease (STD). However, the factors mentioned above could occur due to other reasons too. In such a scenario, purchasing over the counter drugs and creams for STD and using them will not work. You need to be sure that you are suffering from STD before you can go ahead with the appropriate medication course.

How does an STD spread?
The most common method through which this disease spreads is due to having sex with someone else who too is suffering from STD. While usage of protective devices such as condoms reduces the chances of this disease from spreading, you can get it via other ways too. If you are a sportsperson and inject performance-boosting drugs into your body with a used syringe, and if the person who used that syringe before also suffers from STD, chances are bright that the syringe is contaminated with bacteria of diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. People addicted to drugs too get affected by these diseases when they use a needle used by someone else, suffering from STD, to inject drugs into their veins.

The good and the bad
The good news is there are many agencies who offer free tests to determine whether a person is suffering from STD. However, the bad news is that most people try to avoid visiting such diagnostic centers, as they are worried that if someone sees them visiting such centers, he or she will report about it to others, and the news will spread like wildfire. Does this mean that you have to rely on trial and test methods by using over the counter prescriptions, without even being certain that you are suffering from STD?

Use a testing kit instead
Instead of visiting a testing center, you can perform the tests at home with the help of special kits that contains reagents required to determine whether you are suffering from STD. However, you need to be extremely careful while purchasing these kits from online stores, as not all of them are as reliable. Quite a few of them sell kits imported from other countries where they are packed using reagents that have crossed their expiry date. It makes no sense purchasing a kit that does not display the results properly. Instead of taking a risk, purchase the most reliable and accurate STD testing kit from